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Dental Insurance

Can you ever imagine someone sponsoring your smile? It may sound unrealistic at first instance, but in today’s world, your smile can be medically secured with proper dental insurance. Moreover, out of a wide range of currently available dental insurance, finding the right one would always be beneficial. But before opting for any new policy, it should be ideal to understand what dental procedures can be covered with dental insurance; and for that matter how much premium can be paid.

Overview of the policy system

As a general rule, you discuss all the available dental insurance plans in the market; and based upon the service providers i.e. dentist you choose; you will be asked to choose from the available options of dental insurance. Dental insurance can be availed depending upon the services covered, your preference towards service providers, the premium that needs to be paid and lastly your location.

Dental insurance can be helpful to cover all the issues associated with your oral health; except for cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, tooth adjustments,  crowning, etc.

How much waiting period is required to avail perfect dental insurance?

Depending upon the current market analysis, most of the dental insurance policies need a waiting period of approximately 6-12 months; before this, all the standard protocols have to be followed. At the same time, procedures involving major issues that require dental surgery, replacement, etc. may take a longer period of time; and can be extended between 1-2 years of time. However, during this period, insurance companies make sure that the profit is being paid off to the customers; in order to prevent them from applying to new insurance companies.

What services are covered by most dental insurance companies?

All available insurance companies typically offer services; under three categories, such as preventive insurance, basic insurance, and major insurance. Under the category of preventive insurance, most of the dental procedures are being covered; including services like tooth cleaning, X-ray analysis, putting sealants. Whereas under the category of basic procedures, treatments that are being covered can be all types of gum diseases, filings, procedures for root canals, etc. Most of the available policies offer coverage for almost 70-80% of the procedures. Contrary to which, major procedures like bridges, inlays, and denture replacements, etc. are not fully covered; if at all you wish them to be fully covered, all you have to do is pay extra premiums.

Are any cosmetic procedures covered?

No cosmetic procedures are being covered by dental insurance, including but not limited to teeth whitening procedures, gum contouring, and veneers adjustments; as these procedures are not considered as a medical emergency.

Is it worth it?

If you analyze the cost associated with current dental procedures, dental insurance can be a good value for money option. Specifically, if you need a lot of treatments to bring back your oral health; insurance is the best option. And if you are still not convinced, you can think of either paying for your oral treatments or suitable dental insurance, covering all the dental procedures you may require for a lifetime.

What insurance names do you carry?

For more information, contact Linton Family Dentists and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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