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Root Canal in Delray Beach, Florida

If you are affected by annoying dental issues, recurring symptoms prompt the case for a tooth removal. Due to the onset of modern technological advances in the dental industry, it need not be the last resort. With our clinic, the process may require a few trips for a successful root canal. All the while without regretting your decision. Under the auspice of Linton Family Dentists, we will do our utmost to rescue your tooth and widen your smile.

What Is A Root Canal?

The pulp, found near the center of the tooth, bonds with the root’s nerve endings plus nourishes the tooth. Should the pulp become compromised, the tissue is vulnerable to decay. Infection may result from untreated cases. A root canal removes the affected nerve and pulp, and carefully cleans and cements the pulp cavity. A polished crown gives the salvaged tooth support.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Unchecked symptoms of an affected tooth may fester to other subsequent problems, including gum disease. The tooth lacks the self-healing properties similar to our skin. Later signs of gum swelling and pus formation surrounding the damaged tooth, the possible discomfort from chewing: all avenues lead to the loosening of the tooth and painful experience.

Maybe your situation won’t warrant the need of a root canal. Maybe your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold foods. Perhaps you are prone to grinding your teeth when you fall asleep. Nevertheless, it’s best to schedule an appointment and allow our qualified specialists to determine your dental needs.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal therapy may call for a series of visits. Our calculated procedure boils down to these steps. We access the pulp cavity from the crown. We extract the affected nerve and the pulp. We disinfect, medicate and mold the vestige of the tooth to ward off infection.

Depending on the situation, a substitute filling may be used before returning for further treatment. We reinforce a crown onto your restored tooth once we’ve filled the pulp cavity. If we can avoid a more severe dental emergency, we will certainly do so.

What are Endodontists?

Dentists trained in dealing with symptoms from dental pulp disorders. An endodontist manages procedures outside of the scope of your average dental surgeon. Although all dentists can diagnose the need for a root canal, an endodontist referral may be necessary to ensure proper care is met.

What happens after treatment?

Our clinic may prescribe drug store medication to alleviate minor discomfort after dental therapy. We insist on a follow-up appointment to render a post-treatment screening. Please resist from ingesting hard to chew foods.

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