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Dental Implants in Delray Beach, FL

In spite of having modern facilities and improved dental clinics, which offer same-day dental implants, still, many people suffer from tooth loss. The hole left after a missing tooth can be infected with bacteria, also may bring embarrassment. Dental implants procedure has a success rate of about 98% in the United States. Nevertheless, with an excellent dentist and proper maintenance of the implant, the implant can last a lifetime. Linton Family Dentists has many options for available insurance health covers that offer affordable dental implants.

Dental implants are the replacement of teeth with metal surgically into the jawbone to look like regular teeth, usually done due to various reasons, but the main two reasons are, either the tooth is missing or rotten. To undergo the process, it may take time due to various steps undertaken to complete the procedure. A tooth may be considered for an X-Ray and end up crowned. The recovery of a dental implant may take up to five months, depending on the method used.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Improvement in speech: One can speak without worrying about the tooth sliding. Since they are like natural teeth, they also enable words to be pronounced correctly and easily.

Confidence: They feel like natural teeth; they are available in a wide variety or even custom made to fit your natural look.

Appearance: When a tooth is lost, the natural appearance of the face is affected since the support is lost. The implant restores the face structure by having the jawbone connected back in its place.

Boost esteem: This is obtained by firmly placing the dental implants in the gum compared to dentures that can slip, therefore making the user feel more comfortable and can afford a smile.

Health: A lifetime solution for a tooth that does not require any other special care as it is easy to clean. The material used for implants prevents decay hence eliminating bacteria.

The ability to chew comfortably is enhanced. Also, one can eat food that is hard and does not hurt the gum. Good value for money since the implants will last a lifetime.

Care Tips

Practicing good hygiene by brushing after meals. The use of the best toothbrush and cleaning the tooth the right way will help with maintaining health.

Smoking weakens the bones and will make the implant fail to last a lifetime. Smoking also changes the color of the teeth from pure white to cream or brownish color.

Dental checkups: You should make a habit of visiting the dentist at least twice a year for cleaning and general checkup. Dental checkups will prevent having tooth decay in advance. Our dental clinic provides instructions on how to maintain your teeth and keep them healthy. The dentist also makes sure the implant is in good condition.

Type of food: Sugar and acidic food should be limited as they transform to cavities and wear the tooth enamel down. Although hard food may help in practicing comfortably, tooth implants may be destroyed by some hard food.

For more information on dental implants in Delray Beach, feel free to contact Linton Family Dentists!

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